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Travel Tryouts

Boys & Girls 3rd-5th:

Players in grades 3rd-5th must be registered by Nov.12th! Tryouts for these teams will be held November 13th from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at the Bemidji Middle School.


6:30PM: 3rd-Grade    7:15PM: 4th-Grade      8:00PM: 5th-Grade

2023-2024 BYBA Travel Basketball

Click on the link to register for the 2023-2024 Travel Season.  You must participate in Community Ed Basketball (Grades 3-5) or Middle School Basketball (Grades 6-8) to be eligible for Travel Basketball.


*Registration is now closed*


BYBA Fees 

3rd Grade – $250

4th Grade$250

5th Grade$275

6th Grade$ 325

7th Grade –  $  325

8th Grade$  325

BYBA will provide Team Jersey and Shorts which must be returned at season end.  The Association furnishes uniforms for games, basketballs, and other equipment.  Parents must furnish all transportation, motel rooms, and cover other expense for out of town tournaments.  Players and parents should make a serious commitment to the Travel program and their teams to get the most out of this program.

Bemidji Travel Basketball

The Bemidji Youth Basketball traveling teams are an opportunity for more advanced players in grades 3-8 to travel to tournaments for an increased level of competition.  Practices still emphasize fundamentals but also more advanced skills and concepts to develop the player and team to be prepared for a higher level of competition.

Player Selection

Players/parents will need to complete a BYBA  Traveling Team registration form if they want to be considered for selection on a BYBA traveling team.  Consideration will only be given to players participating in the Community Education program for grades 3-5 or in Middle School basketball for grades 6 -8. 


Traveling A teams at each grade level will not exceed a maximum of 10 players.  Traveling B teams will be considered for 3rd-6th grades if the number of registrants permits and there is an available coach.  The 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams will be split into A (no more than 10 players) and B (no more than 12 players) teams based on evaluations at the fall tryout.   The number of players on each team will be determined by the coaches based on the number of registrants and approved by the Competition Committee or board.  If a coach can’t be obtained for a certain grade level/gender group there will be no traveling team. 

Travel Coach Application

If you are interested in coaching a travel team, please click on the travel Head Coach link and fill out the application.  

Travel Head Coach Application (Click Here)

Please fill out this form if you are interested in being a head coach for travel basketball.


Grades 3-5 traveling teams will practice starting in January.   Teams will  practice 2 days per week for up to 2 hours per practice.  Optional additional practice times may be made available and will be communicated by the head coach.

Grades 6-8 traveling teams will slightly overlap with middle school basketball.  More information will come out soon.

Playing Time

3rd and 4th Grade - Equal playing time

5th and 6th Grade - 1/2 playing time per tourney

7th and 8th Grade - 1/3 playing time per tourney

 Due to game flow players may experience more time in some games and less in others. Player absence, injury or illness can also reduce playing time or as a result of infractions of player expectations.

Additional Parent Volunteers

The Coach may request parents to help out with things such as keeping books during the game or videotaping games.  Parents will also be requested to volunteer for concessions or admissions table in the Bemidji Pride of the North Tournament.  Many programs require up to a $100.00 refundable volunteer fee.  Please be willing to volunteer so we do not have to begin implementing such fees.